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How to Play

Watch this introductory video from to help you get started.

Know the basics


Most people play doubles (2v2) because this is great fun and a little less tiring than singles!

Scoring is like the old scoring system for badminton - watch this little video from to jog your memory...

Games are usually played to 11 points, and you must win by two 'clear' points e.g. 11-9 (if it reaches 10-10, then you would keep playing until one team are two points ahead of their opponents).  

The main strokes that you will eventually use include: underarm serve, underarm drop-shot (also called third-shot drop), volley, dink, lob, ground-stroke and smash.  But for the moment just enjoy hitting across the net!

What do I need to play?

The easiest place to play is on a badminton court.  Lower the net height to about 1m (hip height).

You will need paddles and an airflow ball.  Decathlon stock very inexpensive, beginners' wooden paddles and balls (currently selling at £7.99 for two paddles and a ball). 


As you play more regularly you can consider buying a composite paddle that will cost approximately £40-60.