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Outline schedule


2 June

National Women's Singles

National Men's Singles

National Wheelchair Doubles

Masters 60+ Men's Doubles

Masters 60+ Women's Doubles

Outline schedule

Saturday 3 June

National Women's Doubles

National Men's Doubles

Masters 50+ Women's Doubles

Masters 50+ Men's Doubles

Outline schedule


4 June

National Mixed Doubles

Masters 50+ Mixed Doubles

Masters 60+ Mixed Doubles

Venue: Allander Leisure Centre, Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire new centre opens in March 2023

Entries open Saturday 4 March

Entries close Thursday 4 May (or sooner if full)


Nationals (open age/ability)

Women's Singles

Men's Singles

Women's Doubles

Men's Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Wheelchair Doubles


50+ Women's Doubles 2.5/3.0

50+ Women's Doubles 3.5+

60+ Women's Doubles 2.5/3.0

60+ Women's Doubles 3.5+

50+ Men's Doubles 2.5/3.0

50+ Men's Doubles 3.5+

60+ Men's Doubles 2.5/3.0

60+ Men's Doubles 3.5+

50+ Mixed Doubles 2.5/3.0

50+ Mixed Doubles 3.5+

60+ Mixed Doubles 2.5/3.0

60+ Mixed Doubles 3.5+

Eligibility Criteria

Born in Scotland; or

Living in Scotland (main residence); or

One or both parents born in Scotland; and

Not played in another nation's national championships in previous 12 months

More details to follow about...

Entry details


Practice courts

Championships' Party

Equipment partner

Where to Stay

We recommend staying at either of the two Premier Inns. They are both located within easy walking distance to the Allander Leisure Centre. Please note, with the West Highland Way on our doorstep, these hotels get booked up quickly.

Premier Inn Bearsden is approximately a 3-minute walk to the Allander Leisure Centre. There is a really nice bar/restaurant called The Burnbrae, situated in front of the hotel.

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