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Please check the lists on the two lists below. If there is an error, please email Sharon ( BEFORE WEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST, and we can sort it. 

If you would like to order [additional] tickets, please email Sharon ( BEFORE WEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST.

Please note, AFTER WEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST we CANNOT ADD or DELETE names to/from these lists, under any circumstances.

For Championships' Party guests: Please email Sharon ( if you have any specific dietary requirements (allergies, gluten/dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan). Again, this MUST be done BEFORE WEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST

Your ticket(s) will be issued when you check-in at the Championships' Office at Scotstoun. You must bring your ticket to the functions.

Championships' Party List (Saturday evening)

Abraham, Sarah-1

Adam, Mhairi-1

Beeson, Daniel-1

Boyle, Morag-1

Brannan, Ali-1

Bridge, Jane-1

Bungard, David-1

Bunting, Denise-1

Burness, Harry-1

Carver, Elizabeth-1

Castillo, Howard-1

Celli, Elena-1

Christensen, Sabina-1

Christie, Marie-1

Clark, Jill-1

Dennett, Bill-1

Dennett, Scott-1

Duggan, Dianne-1

Edgar, Jean-1

Elliott, Lucy-1

Farnhill, Karen-2

Fletcher, Peter-2

Frazier, Heather-2

Gault, David-1

Gaw, Gwyn-1

Giesbers, Evelyn-1

Gilmore, Joe-1

Hansen, Ruaridh-1

Hogan, Gillian-1

Hope, Annie-1

Hughes, Joe-2

Jones, Philip-1

Kadara, Anil-1

Kelly, Heather-1

King, Caroline-1

Knowles, Katherine-1

Laing, Sheelagh-1

Lawless, Niamh-2

Layson, Holly-1

Leary, Christopher-1

Lewis, Paul-1

Little, Anne-1

Little, Arthur-1

MacDonald, Heather-1

March, Hans-1

March, Suzanne-1

Mateer, Marian-1

Mauchline, Anna-1

McAdam, Hannah-1

McAdam, Siobhan-1

Mccadden, Maureen-1

McConnon, Maeve-1

Mcconville, Lisa-1

Mcculloch, Carol-1

Mcdonald, Sheena-1

Mcgilveray, Angela-1

McLaughlin, Elaine - 3

Mclernon, Terry-1

Milner, Jacqui-2

Mullen, Heidi-1

Murdoch, John-1

Mutrie, Nanette-1

Nash, Christine-1

Needham, Angela-1

Neilson, Dylan-1

Neilson, Naomi-1

O'sullivan, Seamus-1

Orlandi, Adriana-1

Orr, Dennis-1

Paton, Dianne-1

Pimperton, Gordon-2

Russell, Jan-1

Saheed, Hafeez-1

Scott, Christopher-1

Shallcross, Elaine-1

Simson, Pam-1

Smillie, Anne-1

Stredder, Yvonne-1

Struthers, Caroline-2

Susskind, Angela-1

Tallentire, Miles-2

Telfer, Anna-1

Varney, Mike-1

Walker, Bev-1

Wallace, Angela-1

Wallace, Erin-1

Warren, Alyson-1

Watson, Kyle-2

Whitaker, Corinna-1

Wise, Richard-1

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