We are a wholly voluntary association with the sole purpose of promoting and developing the sport of Pickleball in Scotland. Meet the core team...

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Mhairi Adam


Sharon MacKechnie


Steph Robertson


Adriana Orlandi



Professor Nanette Mutrie MBE

Education & Training

Angela McGilveray

Social Convenor

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However, there are many other volunteers who are working very hard behind the scenes to help Pickleball Scotland grow.


We have begun the two-year application process to become recognised by Sporscotland as the national governing body for the sport, but we have a LOT of work to do before then!

We need help from like-minded souls in order to make this a collaborative venture that is led by our members, for the good of our members and future members.

There are many things you can help with, but right now the best thing you can do is become a member - this is FREE and will enable us to build a database that will evidence the growing participation in the sport and help us reach the minimum of 500 members that SportScotland requires as part of the governing body recognition process. 

Click for more info on joining us....

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Proud member


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