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We are delighted to have launched our school resouce and CPD course at the 2019 SATPE conference at Lenzie Academy, in November.

Download a FREE copy here.


Prof. Nanette Mutrie MBE speaks to Sharon MacKechnie about Pickleball teaching resources...

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Schools have now begun to include pickleball into their BGE curriculum, and PE students at the University of Edinburgh also experience pickleball within their curriculum.

If you would like to introduce this fantastic activity, we can offer a 2-hour CPD for only £10 per person, based on a minimum of 6 teachers. The cost includes a hard copy of our BGE resource for each teacher.

We can also provide starter paddles and balls for only £10 for a pack of 2 paddles/1 ball. 

We can invoice your school directly.

Please get in touch for more details.